Making Memories and Such

We’ve had the Graenings over for two nights in a row, and it was so funny yesterday. Right before they came over, I asked Les if the house looked clean enough, then immediately said never mind. I guess I realized that we’ve seen their mess, they’ve seen ours, and we’ve been together at each other’s houses for the majority of the time Les and I have been married. I can’t believe how God has provided for us (mainly me) in the friend department. It was really hard to leave Tennessee knowing I was leaving my very best friends behind. You know, the kind that you’ve known basically since birth and have experienced every childhood and adolescent experience with. The kind who know your mom… call her mom even. Who knows where you keep the plates and cups.

But God has given me that here. Brittani and Ashley know where my cups and plates are. They share their love, their food, and their time with me. They’re sharing experiences with me too, like being married, grocery shopping, and cooking dinner for our husbands. I am so glad we have these kinds of friends here and that God has put such great people in our lives.


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