To Seminary or Not to Seminary… That is the question

When Les and I first started talking about marriage, we decided to pray about whether or not it was a good idea. It was February 2005 and he had figured out that he was going to Clear Creek in the fall, so naturally I had to take that into consideration. The week of Valentine’s Day basically sucked because we had to make the decision to either break up or stay together and work toward a marriage and a ministry together. Obviously the answer was stay together since, well, here we are.

We ended up getting engaged in July 2007 knowing that after I graduated college and we were married (in May 2009, goodness!), I would move to Clear Creek and he would finish out his degree. But that’s sort of where the plan ended until about a year ago. Of course. Because all plans either go wrong, expire, or have a complication..

We’ve looked at seminaries, which is the logical next step if we are to be church planters (see: Church Planting Village for more info) or work in any ministry field. If you’re going to be something for God, you should be the best at it, or at least that is our thinking. We went to Southeastern Seminary in North Carolina back in September with Brittani and Michael and absolutely loved it! Especially me. I really miss civilization, mostly a healthy downtown and places to shop and eat at. Again, most plans either go wrong, expire, or have a complication.

Suddenly the youth group we work with is positively thriving, with kids getting inspired and learning left and right! They’re coming to Bible studies, they’re requesting prayer for their friends, they’re bringing their friends to church. Like I said – thriving. Here in Kentucky. Seminary is in North Carolina. Baahhhhh. Therein lies the complication.

So now… to seminary or to stay?



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2 responses to “To Seminary or Not to Seminary… That is the question

  1. Totally understand missing civilization and having areas to shop and eat at!! Probably one of the biggest adjustments to Clear Creek! If you guys are looking into church planting, you should look through this website: CYA!

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