So here’s a situation I found myself in tonight. I found out that a new church plant back home has decided to let someone I know be their interim worship and creative arts leader.

What this church doesn’t know is that this particular person is basically a viper and has caused major staff and layperson problems in multiple churches, in addition to abandoning ministries and his own family to further his own musical career. The church “advertises” him as one of the best worship leaders in the area, but I know from several personal encounters with this person that he has no right to be called a worship leader. In fact, I’m positive he knows nothing about leading God’s people in any kind of worship except the worship of him, his band, and his own music.

This bothers me not only because I have a feeling that this pastor has no idea about this man’s past (mostly because he is a complete snake in the grass), but that he has been put in charge of leading God’s people into His presence. I believe that it is a sin to lead worship with an unclean heart and motive and doing so will seriously hinder the congregation’s worship. Even more, I have dear friends at this church, specifically one of the great boys that I student taught last year along with his brother and parents.

What should I do? Should I let my friends know or should I keep my mouth shut? There’s no way I would go to the pastor… it would only make me look like a Pharisee. 😦


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