Hello March!

Meet my new bestest friend.

Les bought this for me for my birthday knowing full well what a serious God-complex I have, but I have it under control! We haven’t been without clean clothes or food this entire time I’ve had it, thank you very much.

I CANNOT believe it is already March, and that we have only about three-ish months until we’ve been married a whole year! I simultaneously feel like we’ve been married forever and not long at all. I have to say, though, that this has been the best adventure I’ve ever been on in my whole life. It was just time for us to get married and I’m so glad we did. It’s been really fun to share a house (and all my stuff) with my best friend.

I’ve also been thinking about linking a Flickr account to this blog so that I can share our 365/2010 picture project. I tried taking one picture a day for a year for the first time about two years ago. Thirty-three pictures in, my computer died a horrible death, so that project ended. When we got a new camera this past Christmas, we decided to try it again! It’s all on Facebook right now… see it here! We’re pretty proud, even though it’s a little boring and full of food and guinea pigs!

We are also gearing up to move. I’m finishing my North Carolina teaching application and Les is supposedly starting the Southeastern application. At least he better be, since I really want to live at Flaherty Farms in a 2-bedroom small floor plan apartment! I’m getting really nervous about going through the whole education interview process and meeting principals, but I know if God is calling us there, He’ll be able to give us both a job.


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