Today marks the one year anniversary of the halfway mark of my student teaching. I had just finished third grade and moved all the way across the school to an outside mobile unit to teach fifth. I can hardly even describe how much that whole experience meant to me. Those fifth graders and their teacher impacted me way more than I ever thought they did. Case in point, I just picked an Iditarod musher to follow for this year’s race. It’s because of the fifth graders that I even know so much about the Iditarod!

I miss something about those kids or that classroom every single day. Something will always remind me of it. Contrary to some mean people’s advice, I gave them my KY address and told them my myspace name. I have kept in touch with some of them, but here lately they’ve stopped talking to me as much. It’s sad, but I’m letting them go.

I think I miss them so much because I miss teaching kids like that. I miss having my own elementary classroom and making real lesson plans and activities. I cannot WAIT to get back into teaching!



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3 responses to “Anniversaries

  1. Oh Kennetha!!!! This was the sweetest thing. You made a huge impact in my classroom. You are such a great teacher and the kids love you. I miss you being in my classroom that is for sure. You know right after Iditarod….. it is Camp Explore time! Shew…. without you I am going to be exhausted.

  2. Oh and I hope the impact I made was a positive one. Many thanks to you for all your hard work while you were here. Hard to believe you became such a special friend to me almost instantly. It isn't often you find a great friend such as yourself. Many blessings to you and Les!

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