Steering Through Chaos: Review

To begin, let me make a disclaimer. This book was intended for pastors, and I am certainly not one, nor do I desire to be.  I plan on planting churches with my husband and I feel like this book was just as influential and inspirational for me as it would be for any church leader.

My overall view of this book is very impressed and refreshed. I really love Wilson’s writing voice. He reads very honestly and openly and it is evident that he wrote this out of love and concern for his fellows workers. Wilson also does a great job providing wisdom from years of experience in several different leadership positions. The layout of the chapters in both the table of contents and the actual material in the book was very interesting and appreciated. I am, after all, a lover of personal stories, which were included by Wilson and others in each section of the book.

Wilson focuses on vision throughout Steering Through Chaos, although only 3 of the 10 chapters are directly labeled as a “vision chapter.” He also includes a chapter on the need and importance of corporate prayer, something largely ignored by the average church-goer or lay person outside of prayers during weekly services. He writes, “The goal of corporate prayer is creating an environment in which believers can genuinely pursue God with one heart, one mind, and one voice.” That in itself needs to be part of the vision of any church!

Steering Through Chaos does not ignore the challenges, mental and physical stress, and burnout that pastors and leaders will go through. Wilson speaks candidly about his own struggles in being a pastor leading his flock through change. I found that to be some of my favorites part of his work because I heard both the heartbreak and the triumph in each story. That inspired me and gave me a new insight into what my husband may go through in the future.

I feel that any person who is currently working with a church or will be working in one soon needs to read this book, no matter that person’s role. This book contains vast quantities of ideas, support, and strategies to get any leader through a time of change. I am very glad I took the time to check out this material and will definitely read future works from Scott Wilson.


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