Crazy Week 1 of 2: Accomplished.

This week has been absolutely crazy.

First, the children at the daycare, from the 2-month-old up to the oldest preschooler, all lost their minds. I have put kids in timeout more this week than I have back before the crazy snow. The sweet, nonviolent kids were turning on me! Even taking them outside for half the afternoon and painting the other half didn’t touch their crazy. They didn’t even let up yesterday! Thank goodness it was my short day…

Speaking of short days, I made my first real “professional” birthday cake Thursday night for Ashley’s birthday party. It took me four whole hours, two cake mixes, 24 ounces of icing, a carton of strawberries, and lots of icing bags, but it got finished! Everyone LOVED it, especially Ashley. That was the important one to impress anyway! So… look at some pictures.

The middle layer before the strawberries

Halfway done

Done! Ready for the fridge.

With candles and accompanying cupcakes.

Halfway through cutting: yellow butter layer, strawberry layer, strawberry cake, yellow butter.


Today I spent money (ugh) and bought something to wear to Les’s graduation on Friday. I cannot believe it has already been four years since he started here at Clear Creek. I am unbelievably proud of him!

So next week’s schedule is looking rough… Breakfasts and lunches and teas oh my!


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