Wow. I was blown away yesterday by how many people let us know that they are lifting us up in prayer and that they are rooting us on! Yesterday morning was horrible, but as soon as I went to work, the day just kept getting better. The kids were awesome; they were all asleep by 12:20 (HUGE DEAL) and they were so good for me all afternoon. When I got home from work, my wonderful sweet husband had bought me flowers, a card, and chocolate covered raisins! He had also cleaned the deep fryer and picked up the house! Ahh! I really needed church last night, but I taught the kids with Brittani. That turned out to be great too because I got to see how well they know their Bible and played games with them.

I know yesterday I sounded hopeless, but I was just beat down and discouraged. I was positive that somewhere in all of that mess, there was hope to be found. I have so much to be thankful for. There have been several times in my life where God showed me just how faithful He is and how perfect His timing is compared to mine. Guys, I know we’ll find a home. God’s got one picked out just for us and He’s waiting to show it to us. I know we’ll have jobs. He gave us good jobs at Clear Creek–He’ll give us good jobs at Wake Forest.

Les reminded me yesterday about Luke 12:22-34. Especially 31 and 32… “But seek His kingdom, and these things will be provided for you. Don’t be afraid, little flock, because your Father delights to give you the kingdom.” After Les and I were called into church planting and knew what a hard road we would be traveling, God showed me Romans 8:28 and let me know that I was His, therefore He would work everything out. Man, Romans is good. 8:31-39? Amazing.

So I wanted to say thank you for the prayers. We definitely feel them! And I’ve read the end of the story. Uh, we win. So we are going to be fine!


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