The Crazy Continues…

I honestly thought that after Les graduated, we would be able to slow down for AT LEAST a week before we had to get a move on again. False.

We have been moving basically non-stop since the first week of May. I even almost forgot to pay our gas and electric bills today because I just didn’t remember that they were due. We went to visit in Tennessee last weekend, and I went back by myself this past weekend so that I could see my cousins. We might only be able to go home one more time before the big move, so I’ve been trying to make the most of it. I got to see the youngest of our bunch perform at her second-ever dance recital last night and, of course, it was amazing! Her group had two dances and they wore some of the most precious costumes in the world!

Also… I cannot believe that on Saturday we will have been married an entire year! A year. It just does not seem possible. I remember on our honeymoon, we talked about what it would feel like to celebrate one year of marriage. We felt like it probably wouldn’t be too much different than our dating anniversaries. Hah! False again. Being married is way cooler than dating, even though you have to do things like pay super high gas bills during the winter.

If we really get to move at the end of June, then there is going to be zero time for me to pack stuff. This coming weekend we’re traveling with Michael and Brittani to Wake Forest to apartment hunt. The following weekend we’re going to Western Kentucky (maybe? I don’t know, I’m just going, lol) to do a youth event with Les’s praise band and Michael is going to rap and speak. The weekend after that is the Southern Baptist Conference in Orlando. The next weekend is Marjorie and Cliff’s wedding, then we move the weekend after that. Hopefully. So I work every day, try to pack for each trip, and also pack for the move. And try to get in some friend time with everybody I’m leaving behind. Ahhhh!!! Prayers for my patience and sanity are greatly appreciated.


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