“Could you see yourself in this place?”

We went with Michael and Brittani to North Carolina this weekend so that they could sign their lease for their apartment and we could look at apartments. You know, since their apartment complex was supposed to be our apartment complex too but then this happened. We went planning on visiting five apartments, ended up actually only looking at two. The one we were really hoping to see told us if we were there by 2:30, they could show us around and give us some more information. we pulled into the parking lot at 2:19 and walked up to the door. Locked. Dark. So Les knocked for a little while and a lady finally answered and said, “Sorry, we closed early. Look, I even put a sign up.” So we explained about calling early blah blah blah, and she says “Oh, well, it’s 2:27 right now, so I’m really sorry. Just come back Tuesday.” We tell her about living in KY and this is our only trip before we move and she apologizes again and shuts the door. Needless to say, we will never be going back to Village of Pickwick and recommend that you don’t either!

We did look at one that was just outside Wake Forest that we liked, until we figured out that there wasn’t a washer/dryer hookup in the apartment. If Les were to work late, I am not walking across the complex to go wash my clothes, nor do I even want to drive over there. If I sound paranoid, it’s because I am, okay? I’ve lived in Pineville, KY for a year and now I’ve gone soft in my city-knowledge skills. So we left, and I expected to feel sad because we hadn’t found a place, but I was really surprised to actually feel relieved and happy! Since we got rejected by North Forest, I have felt super anxious about finding off-campus housing… maybe I felt like we needed to be off-campus to be real adults or whatever. Forget that. After seeing all the less expensive housing (which was only about $20 cheaper than campus) that had horrible square footage for the price, I am so set and excited about campus housing it’s ridiculous!

We also went back to Southeastern yesterday to look at campus and walk around. We even went over to the apartment complex we want to live at on-campus, and I have to say… I’m ready to move! Our new city was amazing!


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