Surreal! (also teaching update)

I’ve always loved the feeling you get when a project is coming together and all the little details are being finalized and you start seeing the finished picture. Almost like it’s too good to be true and so sad to be ending all the the same time. That’s basically how I’m feeling right now about our life. Clear Creek has been such an experience. Good stuff, bad stuff, really snowy, really hot, really confusing, really sure. I cannot believe on top of everything else, Les and I have been married an entire year. Man.

This past Sunday was our last Sunday at New Heights. I was very emotional and fully expected to cry the entire service. Thankfully, Ashley fell and Mark got his words messed up and ended up telling us that we didn’t need to be like Jesus, only like God. So funny. Not that Ashley falling was funny in that moment. I thanked everybody and told them how proud I was to be able to claim New Heights as part of my family now. It was sad and wonderful all at the same time.

If that wasn’t sad and overwhelming enough, we went directly from church to KFC to some of our youth’s high school graduation. We had three seniors from Bell, one from Pineville, and one from Southeast Community College. I think I was most emotional at Bell’s graduation because it contained two of the kids we’ve spent the most time with and discipled the most. I didn’t cry because I was way too happy for them, but it still made me nostalgic and gooey feeling because I’ve been there, done that, and then went on to do so much more and that’s exactly what I want for them.

After that emotional Sunday, I went to work Monday morning and started in a different classroom. I’m in the preschool room until we leave, and it’s like I’ve come full circle. My very first classroom at the daycare was the preschoolers, and I went in with absolutely no idea what to do. I literally walked in and they were like, here you go! Have fun! and left me with those babies. Now I’m so happy to be back with them and be able to spend some time with them before I go. Yesterday I only had three girls and we spent most of the rainy afternoon inside making long roads under the table and around all the centers for all of the cars to drive on.

Tomorrow morning we’re leaving to travel to Orlando for the Southern Baptist Convention. Michael and Les have to do the Crossover Missions part this weekend to fulfill their last missions trip requirement so that they can get their real diplomas. Brittani and I plan on sitting at the pool that day! Then we’re going to complete the rest of the Convention as messengers from New Heights. I’m really, really, really excited about the Pastor’s Conference in particular because Ravi Zacharias is going to be doing it! Ahh! He’s so awesome and has the best accent in the world. I may also be very excited about the LifeWay inside the Convention because it is gigantic and we found amazing deals last year.

Last of all, if you are friends with me on Facebook you already know this. The hiring freeze in Wake County has been lifted for several positions, including non-specialized Elementary teachers! When I found out, I wanted to cry and laugh and throw up at the same time! I am unbelievably thankful for God’s work in this area of my life. I went from totally beaten down to kind of content and mostly reassured to doors flung wide open in just two weeks! God is so good and He just keeps showing me that. Please please please keep me in your prayers as I finish my applications and get all of my paperwork in!


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