So, we moved. It was mildly horrific. God provided for us in ways I never would have guessed! Let’s recount this, shall we?

The story actually starts the weekend of the 18th, when we went to Nashville for some friends’ wedding. We had left the truck in Knoxville and rode with another couple. While we were at the wedding, someone randomly not only gives Les a camper top for the truck, but also installs it. We had no idea what to do with it, but figured it might come in handy during the move and we could always sell it later.

So fast-forward to Friday, where both apartments are almost totally packed. Brittani and I are eating penaut butter and jelly sandwiches and waiting for the boys to get back with the Uhaul. They call and say that the Uhaul is too small. They bring it anyway. We end up having to totally fill the truck bed (with camper top!) and the Jeep just to be able to fit stuff into the Uhaul. Brittani calls her Marine brother, Bryan, who just happens to be able to come and help us (also a random act of God). I call my dad and he brings us a haul-behind trailer. Our plans to leave very early Saturday morning were shot to pieces, but we finally got everything loaded and left around 2:30 Saturday after lunch.

We were almost an hour away from Raleigh when it got dark and Les turned his headlights on. They came on, but his interior lights didn’t, neither did his taillights. We pull over to a gas station and he starts working on the fuses. I suddenly feel like I should check on the Jeep (we were hauling it on a four-wheel trailer behind the Uhaul). I go back and see that the right tire straps are totally off and the Jeep has moved back several inches. Commence freaking out. Just another provision from God. If we hadn’t stopped, we very well may have lost the Jeep!

So we finally make it to Wake Forest, safe, alive, and with homes. I cannot tell you all how much I have learned about faith and how much God loves me in this move! He is just so good!

Now. A video tour of our house! >>Click here<<


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