Home Sweet Home

After being in North Carolina for only four days, Les and I went back home to Tennessee to visit family for a while. We switched back and forth, staying at one parents’ house then the other. We got to have a 4th of July cookout at my Mom and Dad’s house! It was so awesome. They put the pool up again this year, and I helped set the tents up that night so all the kids, my aunt. and Mom could camp out in our backyard. I also got to hang out with my older cousin’s fiancee for the first time!

Brandi and I got to be together a lot, which is wonderful. We were basically sisters growing up, and it’s been hard on both of us now that we’ve been so far apart. She’s already asking me when we’re going to have babies for her to spoil. Ha. Ha.

We had an early surprise party for Mom’s 50th birthday and I really didn’t think anybody could keep the secret! She was so shocked when she pulled up. I’m really glad they planned it for this past weekend just so that we could be there.

This was probably the absolute best visit home that we’ve had since we got married. Everybody was happy, our time wasn’t hectic because we were there for so long, and we just really enjoyed seeing everyone.

Now that we’re back in North Carolina, I’m really excited about arranging and decorating the apartment! I finished the bedroom last night (except for hanging pictures and art) and I’m working on the living room today while Les is out at interviews. Our office has basically exploded on itself and there’s just a little path over here to the computer.

I guess we really just need prayer for jobs. It’s a lot more expensive here than it is back in Kentucky, so we need to get income flowing pretty quickly. Les has an interview today with Starbucks and I’m supposed to be hearing from an ULTA today or tomorrow about an interview. We’re not worried- we know we’ll eventually get jobs but we are just not patient people!


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