Housewife 101

Since Les got a job last week and I did not, I have been doing the “stay-at-home” deal while I keep looking. Let’s just say that after we have kids and they go back to school, I will be following right behind them and go back to work.

Being at home by myself was fine the first five hours or so. After that, I was done. Since last Thursday, I have done laundry until basically everything we own is clean, all the dishes in the entire house are spotless, the floors are vacuumed, everything unpackable is totally unpacked, the bathrooms are organized (three times over), and I beat Fable 2. Now… there is only Sims 3 and one load of laundry left to fold. At least I have been able to eat lunch with Les and then have some sort of awesomeness ready for dinner when he gets home. This is probably the first time since we’ve been married that we’ve been eating dinner at consistent, normal times! Last night I made spicy teriyaki chicken and broccoli with sweet carrots and rice. Tonight we’re having honey-glazed chicken, peppers, squash, and potatoes with green beans and rolls. Yes, bask in my cooking skillz.

Also, I have found out the surest way to know if someone is not hiring is if they say, “We’re Hiring!” Because, one – no you’re not, and two, even if you are, you aren’t going to look at my resume or call me back even if I call you several times a week. I was even lied to today by a sweet library worker about an open position. I know they have a librarian position open because they announced it at Storytime this morning! Urgh. Maybe you just have to be part of a secret guild here to be able to work. Maybe the guild has a secret handshake that they do while they hand over an application or resume and I just don’t know it. Listen, Secret Guild of Wake Forest Employment, I’m cool enough to learn your handshake. Ask my toddlers back in Pineville.

In other news, I am in love with Downtown Wake Forest. I’m pretty sure I could spend my whole day there. It has also stormed every day for a week around the same time each day. It’s like living at Roan Mountain. >>Inside family joke… it is pretty much a rain forest at Roan Mountain, NC. It rains once a day, every day, from 2 -3:30. In our family, when we camp there, when the rain starts, naps start. Rain over? Nap over.<<


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  1. Awe, Kennetha! You make me smile! Miss your smiling face at the daycare!
    I’m almost jealous that you get to be in civilation again! 3 more years for us before we get to live in civilation again!! 🙂

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