Shark Week.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for making sharks, even though they have scary sharp teeth and make me leave the ocean when I see their dorsal fins come up out of the water or their shadow in a wave. Thank you for also giving man technology, stupidity, and curiosity enough to make the Discovery Channel. Thanks for putting brains in men so that one day, they would think, “Hey, these sharks are pretty dang awesome! Let’s make a whole week dedicated to them!” I wish everybody at the Discovery Channel would also think, “Man, God is pretty dang awesome as well! Let’s talk about him and give him glory for what he has created! Thanks, God, for making these perfect killing machines and the other ocean creatures and occasional humans they like to eat!” (I mean, maybe not just like that, but at least it would be close to that, okay?) Finally, thank you for Jesus, who came to make all things new and that You will create a new Heaven and a new Earth where someday, the awesome sharks will not eat people anymore, and I will frolic in the ocean with them.


PS – Also thanks for South Africa, where sharks can fly.


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  1. Hey! Dan & I have been all into shark week! The show about south africa with the flying sharks was pretty awesome! Did you watch last night? Survival of the shark attack! yeah right, stay calm!

    Pretty interesting stuff!

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