So, the employment situation has not improved on my part at all. A school today even wrote me to tell me all their positions were filled. That’s nice, but this was also a school that I sent my resume to twice, called twice, and never received any kind of contact from. I am also supposed to hear from an eye care place today… but I was also supposed to hear from them earlier this week. I’m sort of feeling like I won’t be getting a call.

I promise I’m trying to be patient and faithful. I really am. It’s just getting hard to do both at the same time. And it doesn’t help that there’s only so many dishes, so many bathrooms, living rooms, and so many clothes you can wash and clean. I was doing so well at the end of July, but I also had prospects then. Sigh.

It has helped that Les keeps encouraging me, and that we have found a church now. We’re going to the New Members class on the 15th to learn about the church and their ministries they have going on. Actually, that whole weekend is Faith Baptist weekend! We’re also going to the Sound/Audio training on the 14th. This is by far the biggest church we’ve been to, but it’s kind of nice that way. And it honestly doesn’t feel like there are upwards of 1,000 people there every Sunday morning. We love their Sunday School too (yes, I did just type that). I am excited about their children’s program and I think doing that will help me get some of my teaching frustration out.

Aside from church, I am feeling pretty epic fail right now. Suggestions?


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  1. Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. Be patient my dear. I know easier said than done. But His timing is PERFECT, even if it is at the last minute most times! 🙂 He is strengthing you for something. Praying for you.

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