55 Books

So it’s been a week since my reading list came to a close, and I still cannot believe I actually read 55 books during 2010. Not to sound all cocky, but I knew I would read a lot. I mean, come on. It’s me we’re talking about. I literally read my eyes into horribleness as a child because I couldn’t put a book down long enough to turn a light on to see decently by. I know how to read a book while walking down a crowded hall and while riding on a bus full of band kids. I’m a reading PRO.

I feel really accomplished because of this list. I didn’t read any of the books more than once (except that one time I was at Mom and Dad’s in Tennessee and I may have accidentally reread Twilight because I left my other book at home in Kentucky) and I actually remember reading every single one. I remember reading Memoirs of a Geisha during naptime at the daycare and rubbing kids’ backs to get them to sleep. I especially remember a clump of the books I read in June because I bought them in Florida and proceeded to read all of them while we were on the trip. I was almost done with The Devil Wears Prada when I got hired at Dick’s.

I’m afraid I’ve been a little burnt out on literature now. I haven’t really started a book yet, but I’m not exactly worried. I just read 55 books, dude! I am allowed to be chill for a little while. I do have a book review coming up for Zondervan, and so far, the book is turning out pretty good. I have high hopes for it.

After saying all this, let me assure you, reader, that should you choose a goal for 2011, you can definitely do it. Not only did I do the book list, I also did a year of pictures. It’s hard, yes, but so incredibly rewarding!


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