Growing. Up.

So my 25th birthday is just 12 short days away. I’ve been thinking.

I feel more like myself than I ever have before. Is this an ongoing thing as you get older? You just keep becoming more like the person you really are? It’s like getting married, then moving, then moving again, has peeled layers of paint off me.

I like the person I’m becoming. I’m a lot more fun to be now than I was, say, 10 years ago. Somehow, I think I like growing up in my 20’s better than I did when I was little! It’s like I’m doing it backwards now. When I was little, I grew taller (no short jokes). Now that I’m older I’m growing up on the inside. I try more stuff, I’ve made more friends, I’ve learned a lot. Ha, that sounds like a description for a toddler at daycare! Speaking of toddlers, I feel a lot like a kid. In a good way, I guess. I have played more games this past year than I’ve ever played before. I think we ask everybody at least once while they’re here at our house if they want to play a game.

This may sound conceited, but I love that I am known for my cooking. My entire childhood and adolescence was spent being surrounded by a family of wonderful cooks and I desperately wanted to be that when I grew up. When I was about 12, I noticed how much food my Mamaw would make for our weekly family Sunday dinners. I thought she must be crazy (but trust me, I was thankful for it)!  The older I get, the more  I realize that that massive amount of food every week wasn’t just food – it was a physical representation of Mamaw loving all of us. There’s just something about making something that someone you love will eat and enjoy. I guess I’m the crazy one now.

I love that I’ll be celebrating my birthday in two states again this year. It’s not because I get multiple parties (like the spoiled 11-year-old that I am) but that I get to spend time with my friends here in North Carolina AND I get to see my family! That’s something else I’ve learned in the past two years… I would rather be able to see your face and have a good time with you than to get any kind of present (except maybe the food kind or the book kind). I think that’s why I really enjoy having people at my house.

So yeah. I still like this growing up stuff.


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