Where You Came From

We got to go home for Easter this year and I seriously cannot describe how full my heart felt to sit in the same church with my family. It’s been a few years since that was able to happen. I am so incredibly humbled and thankful that I will be able to be in Heaven with my family, that I’ll see their faces and be able to be in the presence of my Jesus with them. I definitely do not deserve such a beautiful gift.

One of the days we were in Tennessee, I drove to my old stomping grounds in Johnson City to meet a friend for coffee. I haven’t been back there by myself since I’ve been married. Since we moved to Raleigh, I’ve thought a lot about those years I spent in and around that city during college. I can remember sometimes just driving around the backroads and down the main strip. I’d have the windows down and my radio on, the music playing and building the soundtrack to my memories. I’d have one flip flop on and that foot on the gas – the other shoe off and that foot up on the dash – my hair down and blowing around. I had no idea who I was going be, aside from a teacher and most likely Les’s wife. Going back to some of those roads was really nice, especially since I did become Les’s wife. 🙂

We also got to go visit our Clear Creek people. I will unashamedly admit that when we turned onto our old road and went around the first curve, nostalgia hit me full force and I absolutely bawled. Everything came flooding back – driving on that same road and going to our apartment for the first time, grocery trips, bonfires, impromptu cookouts and visits, cooking with my girlfriends and talking in the kitchen, sitting on our porch… wow. Les was such a good husband and didn’t say a word.

It’s funny to go back to where you’ve lived a life. You’re sad and grateful and laughing and crying all at the same time. Mostly grateful.


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  1. Nicholas LOVED seeing his Miss Neetha at the CDC!! The moment he saw me, there was no, “Hi Mommy” it was “Guess who I saw today….!!!” he was SO excited! We sure do miss you around here! Love ya lots!

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