14-year-olds, Cakes, and Work.

All that without sleep. And being sick. That’s been me the past two weeks. I seriously may have died sometime between the last post and now. Is this real life?

So speaking of cake. I made a Miller Lite can cake for my beloved little David’s 21st birthday. Originally, I planned on a simple, 2-layer cake with some peanut butter frosting. But no. David had to go and get allll creative and desire a cake shaped like a can. And not just a regular can. He wanted a can filled with peanut butter and jelly. A “tuuuuubbbeee of jellyyyy!” So I made it happen, because I love him. It weighed about 11 pounds, had over a pound and a half of peanut butter, 2 pounds of powdered sugar, over a pound of fondant… it was a miraculous cake. I had never used fondant or cake spray paint before, but I think I did a pretty nice job just diving in without any practice!

It’s a beauty, right? lol

We had our nephew at our house for almost two weeks. I cannot believe this kid is already 14, is 6’2, and wears a size 14 shoe. Between him and Les, they drank about 4 gallons of milk. I have already begun praying that if I get the two boys I want, that the Lord provides us with enough money to be able to feed them! Teenage boys have bottomless stomachs.

Today I have the first real day off in about three weeks. We’ve either had to go home for the weekend or I’ve been too busy to actually do whatever I want on the few days I have had off. I have two REAL days off this week, and Thursday? GOING TO THA BEACH! But just for the day. Next week we’re going for real, for five whole gorgeous, amazing, wonderful days!


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  1. DUDE! You should totally be on one of those cake shows that’s on TLC!! I hope you have a WONDERFUL time at the beach!! MIss ya!

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