How Time Flies!

I cannot believe it’s been since July that I posted. I’m a bad blogger now apparently. But that’s what happens when you get promoted to full time at work, so you’re working all the time and then trying to balance housekeeping, feeding both family and friends, baking, traveling, and trying to see your husband all at the same time!

The biggest news I have is… (not a baby) A TEACHING JOB! Hooray! Starting next month, I’ll be teaching 3rd grade math and science! I’m mostly excited about having a Smartboard in my room. I cannot believe I’m actually a real teacher now. I’ll have to leave Dick’s eventually, which makes me terribly sad. Being the worrier I am, of course I’m terrified that I’ll lose all my friends I have now. 😦

The second biggest news is… A HOUSE! Les and I are moving in December to our first non-apartment (but still renting) abode. Best of all, it has a beautiful yard! Welcome back, bonfires and as many people as we can cram into the house and carport! I’m so extremely excited, oh my goodness. We’ve never really lived anywhere that we can use the yard for whatever we want, or crank the music/movies as loud as we want, plant flowers, paint, really decorate. It has been so fun picking out paint colors and watching Les do to our own home what he does for a living.

In other news, it is becoming a beautiful Autumn here. I can still wear tshirts and flip flops, but I need hoodies in the morning and at night, which is perfect because they are soooo wonderful. The leaves are starting to turn and delicious coffees everywhere.  It’s also Fair Time here at NC State. We went last week and stuffed ourselves with fair food. Delicioussssss.


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