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I’m still on the planet.

I cannot believe it’s been over a month since I posted last. It definitely doesn’t feel that long.

The past month has been ridiculously busy. Four weeks ago, my best friend’s brother found out he was being deployed about three months earlier than planned, so all of our lives shifted into overdrive. We were trying to fit all kinds of things in before he left, get all his stuff here from Camp LeJeune, help him with anything he needed. It was a rough goodbye last Monday… everything felt so abrupt and rushed. We got on base at 11:45 and Bryan left around 3. On top of everything, it was nasty weather – rainy and cold. Hopefully it’ll be better for his homecoming in February! Wonderful birthday present to the both of us!

I have some majorly amazing recipes I’m getting ready to try. Everybody at work is already salivating and begging for more cookies. I think I could work every day of the week and every single one of those days I would hear something about food/cookies. It’s times like that I feel like Superwoman. I may not be a lot of things, but man… I can cook. I have power.

For the past three weeks, I feel like I’m just teetering closer and closer to sinus craziness. For the majority of my life, I’ve had sinus infections and bronchitis twice a year – Spring and Fall. Somehow, the Spring before I got married, this anomaly disappeared. I thought, hooray! I can have a life during seasonal changes! And then that Fall I realized that my sinuses had just decided to pool resources and attack me full-force once a year instead of half-power twice a year. Great. So now I’m just waiting, feeling like I’m about to be ambushed when I least expect it.

Also, on Friday, I got Featherlocks in my hair. I got three of them (a bundle) – an orange grizzly (striped), a bright yellow, and a dark copper. It basically took five minutes and I was immediately in love. I wanted to go back before the end of the day and get more. I didn’t, but you better believe I’m going back this week and getting a bundle of chartreuse, blue, and purple!


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